As a kid, I wanted to learn to play what was popularly unpopular. In '84, the only bands around to play with were Metal. The guys I learned from were punks. They were older. Somehow, inside, I was too. I would go to their parties with Iron Maiden albums and leave with the Clash and Dead Boys. Consequently, the first songs I learned to play were "Clash City Rockers" then "Sonic Reducer", disrespectively.

Punk was long dead but I caught a Lords Of The New Church show. That did it. The Lords had it all, the danger, the mockery, the melody, the lyrics, the music. Because I couldn't really sing, I related to those like Stiv Bators and Jim Carroll instead of wanting to be them. I also found encouragement with The Plasmatics' Wendy O. Williams and just loved her delivery. Inspiration is so much more empowering than idol worship.

Fresh outta high school, I hit Hollywood to hone "the craft." After only nine months I loathed L.A. enough to make me quit playing guitar. I returned to Chicago to thrive in the underground Goth/Industrial scene but the stench of Grunge had the world by the throat, I chose to step outside for a breather. Music was desperately needing a fresh shot in the arm.

Originally titled "Buick Mackane And The Drill", The Lust Killers were to be that shot. I wanted the drumming to be an upbeat, thumpin', good old- fashioned back beating. L.K.'s first drummer delivered, driven by his love for Adam Ant and The Romantics. We wrote frantically together while attempting to enlist others to our vision. The "Psychobilly" sound was slowly making it's offering at that time. We watched impatiently for a Rock and Roll revival to occur. Instead of playing Rockabilly, I played what I knew and who I was. Music had always been a vehicle for my words, and we enlisted only the best of players to pull it off.

At that time the crowd rarely understood what we were doing, but loved the spectacle of it all. Buick Mackane was a breath of fresh air. However, "punk" we were assured, would never return. That was all cool with us though 'cuz it wasn't punk we were playin'.

It was hard being the antithesis to music then. In affect, the local L.K mercenary line-up came and went and came again freely. Towards our last days we befriended other acts around the country who shared our vision. Then, bang! Green Day broke.

I was approached by an investor/producer, who expressed interest in turning LK songs into a 3 act stage play. Thanks to "Crow" creator James O'barr, I was reassured such a story could be done both tastefully and lucratively. Renditions of The LustKillers songs would paint the story.
The stage production and the band were to sell and promote each other separately while performing on their own merit. Although the lustkilling machine was firing tighter than ever, in the end the members were unable to commit to such an undertaking.

With my songs and story now promised elsewhere, I left for NYC, where all my passions were validated through new friends and bands. One small problem with those Manhattan gig crowds though....."all bands, no fans." the only solution to which a musician can answer is by touring.
My passion for the road led to stints touring with Control, The Heartdrops . I again moved back to the West Coast to take take on Europe with San Francisco's American Heartbreak.

In 2001, another mercenary version of Lustkillers (rotating members from American Heartbreak, Swingin Utters, Slender And Three Years Down) began sniping the local SF scene. A series of unreleased LK recordings see The Black Sugar Sessions began circulating and by 2003, I was enlisted by Brian James(The Damned) and Dave Tregunna(Sham69) to front their Lords Of The New Church Reformation In Europe. see lordkiller
It's an honour to perform in place of the late Stiv Bators and give back to a band that gave so much to me growing up.

In August 2004, I joined up with longtime Vancouver friends,THE BLACK HALOS
I've written and recorded 2 albums for them with legendary producer, Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney).
I continued to reside in Chicago while touring the earth relentlessly for them on guitar .

And Once a Lord always a LORD, I still welcome and enjoy involvement with their New Church as we continue to write and perform when summoned.

Because of my involvement with The Lords of the New Church,
The LustKillers Black Sugar Sessions CD is finally in the bag and available to all.

My endless experience now affords me the luxury of casting The LustKillers with great friends and musicians around the world in true mercenary fashion.

A wise man once said, "it doesn't matter where you live, as long as you don't live there" (actually it was Cheap Trick's Bun E. Carlos who said it).

LustKillers have songs, will travel.

Amen.'s been a hard day's knife.

Dedicated to those who served:
Mark Adamany, Don Hough, Greg Janssen, Darrel Levandowsky, Chris Hughes, Tim Speer, Tim Foss, Russel Paulson, Stegman, Billy Rowe, Chris Conley, Collin Delaney, Clint Grubb, Joe Selby, Greg McEntee, Chuck Worthy Mark Bradin, Roger Segal, Arch Levandowsky, Mike Hodgkiss, Dave Hornyak, Erik Byrne, James Willetts, Bryan Wilkinson, Mykel Sane.