lustkillers (lust-killers) n. , pl. 1. a band of rogue rock n roll mercenaries preaching the BlankGeneration/PostPunk gospel.

Born in Chicago, Revised in SanFrancisco

The LustKillers feature Reformed Lords Of The New Church frontman and
Black Halos guitarist, Adam Becvare.

A contributing member in other such notable acts as The Heartdrops (NYC), and American Heartbreak (SF), Becvare has lived and died across North America to tour the earth, all the while revisiting the self indulgence of his own band
As the frontman and guitarist for LK, Becvare revels in it's cast of rogue friends and players stating,
"If all we leave this place with is memories, I'm filling mine with the best I can find."

The LustKillers songs stand as a testament to Becvare's influences and Rock 'n Roll life story.
Becvare moved to Hollywood at age 18 only to nearly lose it all by 21 in Chicago.

"Everyone hears something different in THE LUSTKILLERS.
Familiar but fresh, it's really just rock 'n roll and that's all the punks were trying to recreate in '77. Everyone's too fragile and suspicious now. THE LUSTKILLERS aren't afraid to be serious while letting go. It's about being yourself, honouring your heroes and spreading that gospel. The world needs more bands out there carrying the torch and bringing back the sex of rock."

- Giselle Harvard, Harvard Journal of Rock.

The LustKillers songs are edgy, moody, witty and sometimes even charmingly sassy.
...Fast ‘n Deadly like The Damned,
...Cool ’n Creepy like The Cramps,
...Dark ‘n Lovely not unlike.... The Lords??

In 2003, a series of unreleased LK recordings The Black Sugar Sessions began circulating and Becvare was enlisted by founding members Brian James (The Damned) and Dave Tregunna (Sham69) to front their Lords of the New Church Reformation.

The Official Homepage here at simply read,
"Although, No One can ever replace Stiv Bators, for me this is a great honour to serve justice for a band I owe so much of my youth to."
– Lust n Daggers, Adam Becvare

Now Thanx to Nicotine and Tornado Ride Records,
8 songs from The LustKillers Black Sugar Sessions are available on CD and Vinyl for the first time.

The LustKillers.
Not afraid to get serious.
Not afraid of fun.
And not afraid of serious fun.



JUNE 2009
Jun 20 - CHICAGO, IL@ Bottom Lounge
Jun 14 - MESA, AZ @ Hollywood Alley
Jun 13 - COTTONWOOD, AZ @ Kactus Kate’s
Jun 12 - ROSEMEAD, CA @ Spike’s Bar
Jun 11 - SAN DIEGO, CA @ Bar Pink
Jun 10 - LAS VEGAS, NV @ Double Down Saloon
Jun 8 - HOLLYWOOD, CA - Live Webcast
Jun 7 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ The Knockout
Jun 6 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Grant & Green Saloon
Jun 5 - HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA @ Blue Cafe
Jun 4 -TEMPE, AZ @ Jugheads

May 10 - MADRID, SPAIN @ Gruta 77
May 9 - BURGOS, SPAIN @ Estudio 27
May 8 - VALENCIA, SPAIN @ Sala Durango
May 7 - ORIHUELA, SPAIN - La Gramola
May 5 - BARCELONA, SPAIN @ Estraperlo Club
May 4 - TORINO, ITALY @ Manhattan
May 3 - MODENA, ITALY @ Mr Off
May 1 - MILANO, ITALY @ KM33

Apr 30 – VICENZA, ITALY @ Sabotage Bar
Apr 28 - VALENCE, FRANCE @ Mistral Palace
Apr 27 – ST. ETIENNE, FRANCE @ T-bird lounge
Apr 25 – BESANÇON, FRANCE @ Passagers du Zinc
Apr 24 – MONTBELIARD, FRANCE @ Route 66
Apr 23 - SELESTAT, FRANCE @ le Tigre
Apr 22 – TUBINGEN, GERMANY @ Epplehaus
Apr 19 – COBURG, GERMANY @ Bei Adam
Apr 18 – ANTWERP, BELGIUM @ Bar Mondial
Apr 17– BERLIN, GERMANY @ Wild at Heart

APRIL 2009
Apr 12 - BOSTON, MA @ All Asia Cafe
Apr 11 - BALTIMORE, MD @ Sidebar
Apr 10 - LONG BRANCH NJ @ Brighton Bar
Apr 9 - NEW YORK, NY @ Bar 9
Apr 8 - HOBOKEN, NJ @Maxwell’s

Jan 31 - SCOTTSDALE, AZ @ Wok Star
Jan 30 - ROSEMEAD, CA @ Spikes
Jan 29 - HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA @ Blue Cafe
Jan 28 – TEMPE, AZ @ Stray Cat Bar and Grill
Jan 27 - SCOTTSDALE, AZ @ Guitar Center
Jan 24 - COTTONWOOD, AZ @ Kactus Kate’s
Jan 23 - MESA, AZ @ Hollywood Alley

Oct 4 - SACRAMENTO, CA @ Distillery
Oct 2 - SAN JOSE, CA @ Caravan
Oct 1 - SANTA CRUZ, CA @ Blue Lagoon
Sep 27 - OAKLAND, CA @ Stork Club
Sep 26 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Grant & Green
Aug 31 - CHICAGO, IL @ Liars Club
Jun 29 - CHICAGO, IL @ Liars Club
Jun 28 – CINCINNATI, OH @Blue Rock Tavern
Jun 27 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Hanks Saloon
Jun 26 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Don Pedro’s
Jun 25 – PHILADELPHIA, PA @ JC Dobb’s
Jun 24 - ROCHESTER, NY @ The Bug Jar
Jun 23 - BUFFALO, NY @ Merlin’s
Jun 22 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
Jun 20 - ROCKFORD, IL @ Kryptonite
Feb 15 - CHICAGO, IL @ Cobra Lounge
Feb 4 - CHICAGO, IL @ Liars Club

Dec 2 – OAKLAND, CA @ Stork Club
Dec 1 - WOODLAND, CA @ The Stagg
Nov 30 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Grant & Green
Nov 28 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Thee Parkside

Sep 2 – CHICAGO, IL @ Double Door Lounge

Aug 1 – OAKLAND, CA @ Stork Club
Jul 31 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Lost & Found Saloon
Jul 29 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Slim's
Jul 27 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - KUSF 90.3fm Interview
Jun 3 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Force of Habit
May 30 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Milk Bar
May 29 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Lost & Found Saloon
May 27 –OAKLAND, CA @ Stork Club
May 26 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Thee Parkside
May 25 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - KUSF 90.3fm Interview
Feb 22 – CHICAGO, IL @ Double Door Lounge

Mar 7 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Rocker Showcase
Jan 13 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Slim's
(Adrian Cote Benefit R.I.P.)

Dec 6 – OAKLAND, CA @
Nov 22 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ The Pound
Nov 13 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ 330 Ritch St
Nov 2 - ALAMEDA, CA @ Rooster's
Sep 13 - SONORA, CA @ The Lodge
Aug 29 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ The Pound
Aug 3 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ CW Saloon
Jul 26 – OAKLAND, CA @
Jul 20 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Thee Parkside Bar
Jul 19 – OAKLAND, CA @
Jun 1 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Slim's
May 3 – OAKLAND, CA @
Apr 13 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ The Pound
Apr 6 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Thee Parkside
Mar 14 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Incredibly Strange Wrestling
Jan 19 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ The Pound
Jan 15 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Voodoo Lounge
Jan 10 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Stinky's @ Justice League

Sep 8 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Paradise Lounge
Aug 28 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
Aug 24 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Bottom of the Hill

One by one young women vanished without a trace.
Pretty Jackie disappeared while trying to make a living selling encyclopedias door to door. Lovely college girl Maria never completed her two-hour drive home on the freeway. Beautiful pre-med student Ann failed to show up for a lunch date with her mother. Stunningly attractive Susan dropped out of sight while her boyfriend waited and worried for hours.
By then the pattern was clear. A massive search was under way, but no one suspected how ghastly these crimes were and that the sadistic monsters would turn out to be...

Doings, Undoings & News...
- OCT 31, 2012 A.D.

December 22, 2012 The LustKillers
"That Which Does Not Kill Us"
Available on Royal Crowne Records at, Itunes and More.

"Revenge" Video HERE.

Don't Miss The LustKillers February Tour
Fri. FEB 3 - ROCKFORD, IL @ Kryptonite Bar
Sat. FEB 4 - CHICAGO, IL @ Reggie's Joint

cities to be confirmed...
Feb 9 - Milwaukee, WI
Feb 10 - St. Louis, MO
Feb 11 - Oklahoma City, OK
Feb 12 - Amarillo, TX
Feb 13 - Albuquerque, NM
Feb 16 - Cottonwood, AZ
Feb 17 -Mesa, AZ
Feb 18 - San Diego, CA
Feb 19 - Los Angeles, CA
Feb 21 - Long Beach, CA
Feb 22 - Las Vegas, NV
Feb 23 - Flagstaff, AZ
Feb 25 - Dallas, TX
Feb 26 - Tulsa, OK
Feb 27 - Kansas City, MO
Feb 28 - Chicago, IL

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Pulling the Trigger on 2012

Mike Adamany / Foot2Face Productions

JAN 1, 2011 A.D.

Great Thanks to All of You who saw us through the Lust & Daggers Acoustic Tour.
CHICAGO to BC to AZ & Back, It was fantastic to share our November, we wouldn't have done it without ya.

The LustKillers "That Which Does Not Kill Us" is in the final mixing stages and we promise you it's in Great hands -To Be Announced.
Until then we Remind You, "Black Sugar Sessions" is available at Amazon & Itunes
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Adam Becvare & Bryan Wilkinson will be performed a series of exclusive acoustic sets over the August - November months featuring unreleased material from the upcoming LustKillers album "That Which Does Not Kill Us"

Having consistently toured The U.S., Europe, and Canada with The LustKillers, LUST & DAGGERS enjoyed great response from Chicago to New York regarding their exclusive acoustic shows.

Lust & Daggers can do this anywhere,
Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Taverns, Coffee Houses, etc
Bring Us To Your Favourite, just remember...
We Don't Do Weddings, We Do Divorces


- East US Tourdates Performed Last July-

Finally Back in the Saddle after their 5 week tour of US & Canada w/such acts as Last Vegas, SuperSuckers, Lords of Altamont etc...

THE LUSTKILLERS EAST US TOUR July 15 featuring Mykel Sane on Bass.
Mykel's been dying to get into the driver seat since January 2009
and THE LUSTKILLERS wanted a Sober Driver.

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LustKillers in Chicago to finish up the next album
Thankyou Chicago & Rockford for the giglove

Black Halos - Unrest in Peace
Adam Becvare confirms Black Halos demise

Interviewed for SPUN Magazine

Thank You fans and friends worldwide.
In 2009,
The LustKillers have already toured West Coast, East Coast, Europe and West Coast again.
LustKillers are also featured in the soundtrack for the film
Now Playiing
at the Gene Siskel Film Center of Chicago.

We wish to thank those whom inspire and assist us in success....

LustKillers will remain dark this summer to finish 15 tracks for the next release.

Fall '009 Dates to Follow
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-Adam Interviewed for Veglam Magazine

Black Sugar Sessions on Vinyl...
LustKillers on Tornado Ride Records

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Black Sugar Sessions Now Available
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Did You Miss This...?

See the '07 LK RETURN to NorCal!
Photos at Myspace album LK '007

featuring Adam Becvare
...see Lord of the Newest Church

...Witness the LustKillers at Myspace
Much Love and Respect to-
Brian and the entire James Gang
for a Smashing Halloween 008 Evening.

Adam Becvare on tour with Black Halos.
across North America 2007
SPRING '07 SxDx Tour Photo

-Tuesday, June 28, 2005
The Black Halos "Alive Without Control" has been released on the Liquor & Poker Label.

August 2004, LustKiller frontman, Adam Becvare joined forces with Vancouver monochrome glampunks,The Black Halos
Together they recorded a third album with producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Green River) for Century Media

such a beautiful thing...
- Devorah Ostrov LK SF Collage

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more LK press and Words Page
Trash 9/21/04

ZERO Magazine 7/25/04
Adam's Manic Street reflections for
Veglam Magazine
Joe's "Weak in Rock" Blog
LK reunites
LK ignites

to bytes from the LustKillers
It was these sessions which led veteran punks, Brian James (Damned) and Dave Tregunna (Sham69) to recruit Adam to front their 2003 LORDS of the NEW CHURCH reformation
...see Lord of the Newest Church

THE LORDS 2003 EuroTour Gallery

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LK w/Vibrators Flyer
LK w/TSOL Flyer
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Chicago Photos and Propagandia

2/22 Live Movie Clip (quicktime format)

Feb 22 YahooGroup Photo Folders